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‘Your body healing itself’



Food School

Regain our heritage and learn the dietary wisdom of the ages.


Find out what our ancestors were doing to keep them so hardy and productive, while living without central heating and hot water, with ice forming on the INSIDE of the windows of the houses…..!


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We share the latest research on the most effective nutritional and food programmes to support recovery, assist in the prevention of illness, and reduce the discomforts of ageing.



Beta blockers - latest findings for you to discuss with your doctor

Statins - What is cholesterol and is it bad?

How to judge for yourself the effectiveness of  your drug - find out about the NNT

Sunlight good or bad...More

Our own experiences of recovery from chronic, debilitating and apparently ‘incurable’ illnesses entirely by our own efforts, inspired us to design a simple process by which people could find their own answers to health problems.


This process would help to curtail the years of research that we had to do for ourselves - research that was confusingly scattered and obscure.


What we found was very important to everyone for preventing ill health and ageing, and for regaining health.



‘Antioxidants cause cancer’ - how did the researchers come to this conclusion? You will be astonished at these methods of analysis.


‘Vitamins are bad for you’  - how did researchers reach this conclusion? Would ‘synthetic vitamins are bad for you’ be a more suitable conclusion from these studies?  


How vitamin C stops the Big C

a team of Johns Hopkins scientists have shown that it can inhibit the growth of some cancer tumours. Read more...

The Regain Turnaround

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RT Spotlight on news important to your health! Share with your doctor!


Katrina Patrick recovered from rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's Disease

After many years now, of assisting others to regain their health, we have developed The Regain Turnaround process. This is an in-depth analysis that enables us to assess each person’s unique, total health needs using the most effective techniques. We then develop with that person a strategy for change.


This enables them to regain body balance and to turnaround unhelpful life choices, and health imbalances. We achieve this by dealing with the core issues with ease and enjoyment. No food fanaticism or puritanical cleanses!


To learn more about, Katrina’s health regain click here , photos of Katrina’s health journey through childhood here or for The Regain Turnaround process click here. But before you go have a look at our important news topics below, and just some of our tools:


Chris Puckey regained his health from osteoporosis and liver tumours
Iris photo

Iris analysis is  approximately 20% of our process but we like it a lot. It does not diagnose. We have found it to be a very accurate method of analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the body, mind and emotions. The physical and emotional aspects of a person are always revealed by assessing the patterns and colours of the iris (the coloured part of the eye). Iris analysis highlights the route that we need to take to turnaround ill health. Read more

RT Interesting tools

Risky Chemicals in toiletries, cosmetics and  cleaning products!

3000 chemicals that shouldn’t be in our everyday products. They do what to me?!

Ask us about some worthy alternatives that will cost you a lot less than your regular products and are available from one company.


Nourishing Interventions

Dietary changes get us 70% of the way towards good health, but food is no longer nutritious enough to achieve any dramatic health turnarounds. We use powerful supplements to do the rest.

We only recommend supplements that contain plenty of active, fresh ingredients in a form that the body can make use of (food identical), with advanced technology that optimises absorption, and incorporating recent research to enhance their potency. Read more

We are very fussy!

Tuina ~ an exceptional, deep healing, body-work process, going beyond massage. Chinese doctors use Tuina in their hospitals.

Tuina is exceptional because:


Spasms of long term duration are quickly released

Back problems are resolved by addressing the cause

Pains and tension in the neck, scalp, feet, legs, shoulders and hands are relieved

Migraines and headaches are addressed

Circulation to problem areas is increased to help with repair, and re-growth of healthy tissue

Organs of the body receive

better blood supply to make them stronger.

Metabolism changes can occur and muscles become stronger and more toned.


Treatments are received fully clothed under a cotton sheet.

Available near Bury St Edmund and in Brandon by appointment.

10 minute demos are free,

30 minutes £25, 1 hr £40

Tuina is also mobile and can be brought to you for an additional charge of 60p per mile

Tuina Group Sessions at your location - the host receives free massage time.

Tuina training courses - contact us for more information.

To contact Chris and Katrina of ‘The Regain Turnaround’

please telephone on         01842 819 424

Email: r.turnaround@gmail.com

Chris and Katrina are trained and mentored by Tuina Master

Errol Dexter Lynch

Tuina is a form of massage used in many of the hospitals in China today as front-line healthcare for pains, strains and trauma. Tuina is pronounced ‘Twee-nah’.

Tuina has the ability to work on the local muscle near to a trauma especially when that trauma is very recent, - this is very unusual in the west.

Tuina meaning ‘push’ and ‘pluck’, can break down adhesions and scar tissue at the local level to increase the flow of blood and oxygen (and the Chinese say ‘Qi’) to carry away damaged tissue, and to grow new and stronger tissue. By working on ligaments, tendons, muscles, lymph and the circulation, the bones improve their alignment and the body is better able to regain better health and posture. This speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself.

Tuina massage offers a wide range of benefits, both physiological as well as psychological, increasing   well-being and the feeling of euphoria.

Tuina can be a very strong and forceful technique when applied to the body, however a practitioner does not have to be physically strong to perform it. On the Tuina course the students are taught to use body weight rather than muscle strength to create a change in the body of the patient. Students also gain better body posture and body awareness while developing these tuina skills.



With Tuina Master

Errol Dexter Lynch

Errol has an excellent reputation both inside and outside of China, as a pioneer of tuina. His style of tuina is relaxed and deeply effective. He has practised and studied Tuina for over a decade under leading Professors and Doctors in China, Professor Fan and Professor Jiang. He regularly returns to China to assist with the tuition of foreign students. Errol is a very skilled teacher and a highly respected practitioner of Tuina who has a passion for sharing his unique skill with as many people as possible. His aim is to make effective Tuina more available.


Tuina is easy to deliver anywhere, to anyone, because the patient stays fully clothed and is covered by a cotton sheet through which Tuina is delivered. The cotton sheet also enables the practitioner to see areas of tension and misalignment even before touching the body.

Course Dates: (3rd Sunday of every month) 2013


Throughout the course students will work on each other alternately  as they practice their moves and learn to feel the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Good news then that tuina doesn’t require the removal of any clothing! Receiving lots of tuina has obvious benefits - everyone arrives on the course with old injuries, traumas and muscle tension (if they have not had regular tuina)…and everyone leaves the course not only with a new skill but also with a new feeling of agility and relaxation in the body!

Errol teaches some aspects of Qi Gong to help with body awareness to assist with the effectiveness of your tuina. Qi gong is very therapeutic, bringing calm and well-being into the body and mind.

There will also be training and support in business start-up which will ensure that once you have the skill, you will know how to promote awareness of you and your tuina.

Local practitioners will provide ongoing support and clinical experience - as the course ends you will not be left floundering and with no further practice. The aim is to create a team of Tuina practitioners in East Anglia who will work together to supply demand. Tuina can be delivered in public spaces as there are no privacy issues. Multiple practitioners would work together in one room, providing support and experience collectively.


More detail…


Errol Lynch formed Tui Na UK in 2004 following many years of clinical practice and training in China. His aim is to spread the word of tuina as an independent cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Errol has specialised in using tuina for sports injury and has also focused on many of the internal diseases that can benefit from tuina massage, such as diabetes, digestive and reproductive disorders.

Other relevant therapies which Errol brings into his experience of teaching tuina are:

Sports massage                                 16 years

Shiatsu (Japanese style massage)         16 years Reflexology                                        14 years Tui Na based reflexology                     9 years

Acupuncture                                       13 years

Chinese herbs                                     12 years


For the last 36 years Errol has been ‘playing’ Wu Shu and Tai Chi with various teachers from China and England and currently holds a licence to teach in China and England.


If you like the idea of acupuncture but without the needles, this is what Errol says about the relationship between tuina and acupuncture:  “Tuina and acupuncture use the same meridians and points. Tuina is a hands on therapy and the practitioner can stimulate many points during a single treatment, whereas with acupuncture as many as 400 needles would be needed to give the same level of stimulation, and this may be too excessive for the patient to handle.”

For more information about the course go here


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Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

This technique (EFT) made these changes to the blood cells in this photograph - from clumped to un-clumped blood cells. Obviously there is still a cause to address in this case but it shows how a simple process can effect the physical as well as the emotional health.

So why do we use this technique? Many health problems have an emotional component that needs to be resolved before the body is able to heal itself completely. This is a very simple way to get started on these wonderful emotion-unwinding adventures. Read more

The Work by Byron Katie


Video dialogues that describe a simple process of self enquiry that can turn you right around.

We assist clients with this process too, having been through it ourselves!

Contact us:

Tel: 01842 819424

Email: r.turnaround@gmail.com

For more pictures of Chris and Katrina using Tuina go here....but only if you have a broadband connection....otherwise you’ll need lots of patience while it downloads

Now in East Anglia

Meet Errol Dexter Lynch in Bury St. Edmunds.

An introduction to tuina. Your questions re the course. Read more about Errol at www.tuinauk.com.


Food School coming soon!.....here


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